Park Rules & Regulations

Woodland Acres Mobile Home Park in Springfield, IL

Woodland Acres Mobile Home Park

Rules & Regulations

The following rules & regulations are intended for your comfort, welfare, safety and attractiveness of the park.  Please cooperate in observing them.  With your cooperation, it will be a pleasant place to live.

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  1. ALL HOMES must be equipped with two (2) 5 lb. ABC DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, one in the front of the home and one in the rear of the home.
  2. Residents are not allowed to do any burning in the park.
  3. Residents must have garbage cans immediately upon moving into Woodland Acres.
  4. No clotheslines are permitted in the park.
  5. No digging or disturbance of the subsurface is permitted without the express approval of the management.  All utilities are underground and such disturbance could be dangerous.
  6. Special services not regularly provided by the management to service an individual’s need, such as extra concrete, shall be at the expense of the resident.  This includes the changing of electrical service when the resident needs 200 amp service and the lot being rented is 100 amp service, etc.
  7. Sewer lines becoming obstructed between a mobile home and the sanitary sewer shall be repaired at the resident’s expense.  All sewer connections must be sealed in accordance with State regulations.  DO NOT put disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, paper towels, underclothing, or other objects of this nature into the sewer system.  These items will clog the system and will have to be removed at the resident’s expense.
  8. The management reserves the right of entry to all lots for purposes of inspection and utility maintenance.
  9. Rents are due and payable on the 1st day of the month.  There is a $3.00 per day late charge after the 5th of the month.  If moving, a two week notice must be given, prior to the rent due date.  All charges must be paid before a home may be moved from the premises.
  10. A variable cash deposit must be paid before any mobile home leaves Woodland Acres.  This is a clean-up fee and will be refunded after the lot has been inspected and found to be in the same clean, trash-free condition that it was prior to resident moving in.
  11. Mobile homes may not be rented, sublet, or sold on location without the approval of management.
  12. No commercial operation, canvassing, peddling, or solicitation will be permitted.  No signs may be displayed on any home or in any yard.
  13. The SPEED LIMIT IN WOODLAND ACRES IS 10 MILES PER HOUR.  Excessive speed will not be tolerated.  Residents will be responsible for informing their guests of this regulation.
  14. No cars or motors shall be repaired in the park.  No changing of oil or oil filters is allowed.  Inoperable cars must be removed from the premises.
  15. All personal vehicles must be parked off the streets in driveways provided and not extend over the curb.  At no time is it allowable to park autos or motorcycles on grass areas or yards.  Positively no one shall drive onto the yard for purpose of loading or unloading furniture from a home.  On-street parking is strictly forbidden.  All streets must be kept clear for emergency vehicles, so access to all homes and buildings can be easily obtained.  Not more than two regularly used passenger vehicles shall be parked on one driveway.  Care must be taken NOT TO BLOCK ANY DRIVEWAY OR MAILBOX.
  16. The design and materials of skirting, fences, cabanas, porches, awnings, carports or additions of any kind, whether temporary or permanent, must be approved by management before installation.
  17. Mobile homes shall have factory-made mobile home skirting installed no later than thirty (30) days after set-up.  Storage of articles under the mobile home shall be of a nature that no harbor of rats is provided.  Custom-made skirting will not be permitted.
  18. At no time is it allowed to park motor homes, boats, or other recreational vehicles in the park with management permission.
  19. No yard sales, garage sales, or other sales, shall be held in the park.
  20. Any pets must first be approved by management; at that time, a copy of pet rules and regulations will be issued.
  21. No wild creatures, such as rabbits, squirrels, turtles, etc. will be hunted or bothered in or anywhere around Woodland Acres.
  22. CHILDREN in the park must be SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES WHEN PLAYING OUTSIDE.  THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  Children must not play in the streets at any time.  Children must not ride their bikes in other resident’s yards or drives.  Small wading pools are permitted, but they must be placed on the patio or drive, so grass will not be burned out.  USE OF GARDEN HOSE by children is not permitted.
  23. Each resident is required to keep his lot in a neat, clean and orderly condition at all times.  Lawns must be mowed regularly.  Any lawn left uncared for shall be placed in order at the expense of the resident.  After mowing, excess grass must be raked, and all tall grass must be trimmed next to your neighbor’s home, and your own home, around your yard lights, mailbox, etc.  If your lawn work is left unfinished, it will be put in order and you will be billed.
  24. Residents shall not plant trees, shrubs, or flowers without management permission.  Any such planting, if permitted, shall automatically become park property.
  25. All air conditioning units go in your front yard.  BEFORE installing any type unit, window or central, Management must be notified by resident.  All units must be wired to conform to the electrical code.  Even if the installer is a licensed electrician, the electrician must first contact the management.
  26. No additional occupants, other than those listed on the application, will be permitted to move into any mobile home unless first approved and accepted by the management.  An application MUST be filled out and approved BEFORE anyone moves into your home.
  27. No improper or immoral conduct will be tolerated.  Please consider your neighbors.  Avoid excessive noise; television sets and stereos shall be played softly at all times.
  28. No one is allowed around the creek, pond, or in the wooded areas adjacent to Woodland Acres, or the grassy area around the office.  YOU must inform your guests of this rule.
  29. DO NOT USE ROCKSALT OR CALCIUM CHLORIDE ON WALKS, PATIOS OF CONCRETE FOR PURPOSES OF ICE REMOVAL.  Urea, which can be purchased in 50 lb. bags, does not damage trees, shrubs or concrete.
  30. The owners, agents and employees of Woodland Acres, shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage by reason of fire, accident, theft or any other cause.
  31. Storage sheds shall not be installed at any location without the management’s approval of that location.  Sheds shall be kept neat and orderly, and in proper repair.
  32. NO LARGE TRUCKS, TRUCKS WITH TRAILERS, OR SEMI-TRUCKS are allowed in the park at any time.
  33. Watering of shrubs, flowers, or small trees is permitted, if done in a prudent way, as to conserve water.  Should the flower watering privilege be abused, it will be discontinued.
  34. Residents must inform their children about staying out of other residents’ yards, destroying flowers, bushes, etc.  Also in the past, some tree limbs have been broken, and climbing of trees is NOT PERMITTED.  Children must be educated to appreciate the value and beauty of trees, flowers, etc., and can only do so with your help as parents.
  35. Children must also confine bicycle riding to the side of the street, and again, stay out of other residents’ yards.
  36. The management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any occupant who fails or refuses to comply with the letter and the spirit of all of the Rules and Regulations of the park, and the occupants hereby agree to move out of the park on thirty (30) days’ notice from the management.  In the event the occupant fails or refuses to move out after such notice, further legal action will be initiated, and all sheriff, legal and attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other fees and costs arising from this legal action, will be paid by the resident.
  37. This agreement is made upon the express condition that the Owner, agents or third persons of Woodland Acres shall be free from all liabilities and claims for damages and/or suits for, or by reason of, any injury or injuries, to any person or persons, or property of any kind whatsoever, whether or not person or property to the resident, its agents or third persons, from any cause or causes whatsoever while in, or on said premises, or any part thereof, during the term of this agreement, or occasioned by any occupancy, or use by said premises, or any activities carried on by the resident in connection therewith.  The resident also covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the owner, agents and third persons of Woodland Acres from all liabilities, charges and expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, on account of, or by reason of any such injuries, liabilities, claims, suits, or losses, however occurring , or damages growing out of the same.
  38. The owner, agent, and third persons of Woodland Acres shall not be liable for any damage occasioned by failure to keep said premises in repair, nor any damage done, or occasioned by, or from plumbing, gas, electrical, water, sewer, or other pipes where the damage is the result of bursting, leaking, or running of any pipes, tanks, or plumbing fixtures in, above, upon or about the premises described herein.
  39. The resident agrees to be responsible for, and indemnify the owner, agents or third persons of Woodland Acres for any and all damage and costs to the premises, or any adjoining premises owned or under the control of the owner, agents, and third persons of Woodland Acres which damage is caused by the tenant, members of the tenants family, or any guests of the tenant, or by any parties whether known or unknown by the tenant, on the premises.
  40. Mobile homes shall be moved in or out at such favorable weather periods as may be mutually agreed upon, and NO mobile home will be moved in or out of the park, unless such move is supervised by the park manager or his agent.

The Management reserves the right to alter change, or add to these Rules and Regulations as conditions require and experience dictates.

Thank you, the Woodland Acres Management.

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